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About our Family...

Hello! Welcome to Willow Haven Australian Cobberdogs! We are Kevin and Tracy Calmes. Animals have always been a big aspect of our lives. Growing up we've always had dogs, and have owned different breeds of dogs over the years together. Along with our 3 adult daughters, we've owned and operated a whitetail deer breeding farm for 20 years.

A few years ago our beloved Bernese Mountain dog passed away and we began our search for a new family pet. This time, however, we made a wish list of all the best qualities and characteristics we wanted in our new furry family member: calm, loving and loyal, intelligent, easy to train, non-aggressive, allergy-free, and low to non-shedding to name a few. Our search led us to discovering the Australian Cobberdog!

About Australian Cobberdogs

Since discovering this breed, we knew we wanted to put our animal breeding knowledge back into action and become a small breeder of Australian Cobberdogs. This is a family affair for us. Our oldest daughter is in the social work field and hopes to incorporate these dogs into her daily routine with clients as Cobberdogs were primarily bred for therapy work. Our youngest children are twins. One is employed in the veterinary industry and is a wonderful resource for all things health-wise. The other is a photography and graphic arts major so all of the beautiful photographs on our website are courtesy of her!

We are dedicated to ensuring sound breeding practices, excellence in the standards of puppies we produce and preserving, while enhancing, this amazing and unique breed! We feel so lucky to have discovered this breed that we want to share the excitement with others who may be looking for a dog with these same wonderful qualities!

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